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HEART For Single Mothers is a program of hope and healing extended to single mothers to support and nurture them along their journey of parenthood. Our goal is to nurture and strengthen women through Life Application Modules, activities, workshops and resources to empower women to become strong individuals who are independent, prosperous and self-sustaining. HEART For Single Mothers offers fun yet informational techniques and tools that will engage women to face the challenges and pressures applied from being female, single and raising the next generation. 

Join us as we prepare the total woman with Life Application Modules designed to develop Single Mothers in three core elements: 

Mind—Education/Vocational Resources

Body—Health, Wellness and Home

Soul—Social and Mental Health

We believe all single mothers can embrace who they are, define their future all while changing the world.

Hope, Expectation, Aspiration, Reclamation and Triumph

Our Mission

Our Mission

H.E.A.R.T. For Single Mothers mission is to bring Hope, Expectation, Aspiration, Reclamation and Triumph back to the center for single mothers.

Our Vision

HEART For Single Mothers believe that people are the most important world resource and is dedicated to improving the lives of single mothers who have the responsibility of raising and developing the next generation. We are dedicated to nurture and support single mothers in hopes of alleviating root causes of poverty and ending cyclical negative behaviors that destroy the human potential of our women and youth. Together, through Hope, Expectation, Aspiration, Reclamation and Triumph, we will not just survive, but LIVE!

We Need Your Support Today!


Education/Vocational and Resources


  • Setting Personal Goals

  • Resources:
    Completing High School
    Secondary Education
    Technical Training

  • Effective Communication

  • Time Management

  • Job Empowerment Training

  • Critical Thinking

  • Family Financial Fitness

  • Minding the Maddness


Health, Wellness and Home

  • Let's Get Moving

  • Managing my Empire - Maintaining a healthy & functionable home

  • Developing a structured, safe and nurturing environment

  • Momma Time

  • Create Healthy Boundaries

  • Creative Entertainment


Social and Mental Health


  • Mental Health Awareness - Am I Mentally Healthy?

  • Mental Health Maintenance

  • Parenting 2.0

  • Mother/Child HEART Connections:

  • (home, school, social & play)

  • Trauma Recovery & Recuperation

  • Cultural Awareness & Participation

  • Social Awareness & Participation

  • Keeping My Family Safe From Intruders

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