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Nurturing &Empowering Single Mothers and their Children

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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HEART For Single Mothers offers hope, healing and a helping hand to single mothers.  We will nurture and support you and your family along your journey of parenting alone.

Our mission is to empower you mentally, emotionally and physically through activities, workshops and resources to become strong individuals who are confident, prosperous and self-sustaining.

HEART For Single Mothers offers fun yet informational tools and techniques to engage women to face the challenges and pressures experienced with being young, single and raising the next generation.

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Hope, Expectation, Aspiration, Reclamation and Triumph

From Surviving …

Born to a teenaged single mother in

Louisville, Kentucky, raised in Southwick

Housing Projects and a teenage single

mother myself at the age of 15, I overcame

many obstacles in my life. Discouragement,

depression and defeat are distractions used to

prevent us from reaching our divine destiny.

I want to encourage you with my personal

experiences to press forward in spite of the

hardships of being a young single mother.

My desire is to encourage and teach single

mothers that Having a HEART is Hope

Expectations, Aspirations, with Reclamation and Triumph not only to survive but to live life with purpose.

Through Education, Stimulation and

Motivation of the Mind, Body and Soul you

can be a total woman who can raise your

children to grow up to be productive citizens

in society and be complete within yourself.

My goal is that all single mothers will cross

the threshold from surviving a life of

hardships, regrets and rejection to living a life

that is meaningful with a true pursuit to know

yourself, face your fears while preparing the

next generation for life and purpose you and

they were created to live! Living!

Carla Anderson

Carla Anderson

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Single Mothers and Children

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